Finding code in git history


Sometimes I wonder how I solved a certain problem years ago, and all I know is a piece of code I wrote (but deleted at some point). To search the git history for this specific chunk of code, you can use:

git grep "permissions = (" $(git rev-list --all)

This will search all revisions that have a line of code containing permissions = (

Let’s take a closer look: The manual says git rev-list “lists commit objects in reverse chronological order”. The --all switch makes sure we get commits from all branches: “Pretend as if all the refs in refs/, along with HEAD, are listed on the command line as .”

git grep lists lines that match a certain pattern, in our case permissions = (. The $(…) interpolation passes the list of commits to search for grep.

Can’t I just use git grep, without rev-list?

Sure you can, but when using git grep without arguments, it will only search the current working tree. If the piece of code you are looking for is no longer present, you won’t find anything.

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